Deepia develops Artificial Intelligence solutions in the fields of biology and medicine, to facilitate the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals.


We develop Artificial Intelligence solutions
for medical biology analysis.

Based on analysis and patient data, our algorithms decrypts the anomalies and suggest appropriate follow-up action.

Biological analysis results

Clinical questionnaire
of the patient

Detection of biological anomalies

Diagnoses suggested to the doctor

Prescription of additional analyses

Global approach to data

Constantly learning algorithms

Simple communication
between professionals

Connected to the DMP
(shared medical record)


Our mission is to free up practitioners' and laboratories' time, while improving the quality and efficiency of patient care.


We use state-of-the-art data technologies

Improve diagnostics and reduce errors

By cross-referencing millions of data points, and thanks to the automatic learning of our models, our analyses can diagnose more than 50 common pathologies.

Develop double analysis on the same sample

Thanks to instant intelligent analysis, the laboratory can carry out additional analysis on the same tubes, thus avoiding the need for re-sampling.

Placing the patient at the heart of the process

By improving diagnoses and eliminating unnecessary appointments, patient care is streamlined and anticipated.


We develop powerful data models
that detect 90% of common anomalies.

Our algorithms are designed by specialized biologists, physicians and engineers.

Clinically validated on several evaluations

The algorithms are developed by Deepia’s medical and scientific teams, in accordance with current guidelines.

Global approach to patient data

Our algorithms integrate the patient’s clinical data with biological data to propose the most probabilistic diagnosis.

Continuous learning algorithms

The algorithms improve their performance thanks to machine learning technology and existing and DMP data.

They support us

Our partners

We are a French technology company
in the biology and medicine sector.

Founded in 2022, Deepia’s mission is to develop the first Artificial Intelligence solution applied to medical biology analyses.


Deepia, the first AI platform for biological analysis.

We can organize a private demonstration of the platform, either in person or on video.

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