Deepia is the first Artificial Intelligence solution
that decrypts medical biology analyses,
making life easier for healthcare professionals
and laboratories.

The first solution designed by healthcare professionals
that decrypts medical biology analyses thanks to AI.

We put technology to work for healthcare professionals, laboratories and patients.

Intelligent biological analysis

Thanks to algorithms designed by biologists and doctors, as well as Artificial Intelligence, Deepia develops solutions that decipher medical biology analyses.

Detects nearly 90% of anomalies

Deepia can detect almost 90% of common anomalies, suggesting a diagnosis to the doctor and recommending further tests.

Improved quality and efficiency of care

Our solution makes life easier for healthcare professionals, while providing better, more efficient quality of care for patients.


Deepia transforms the medical biology analysis process.

Thanks to technology, we save healthcare professionals a considerable amount of time, which in turn benefits patients.

Healthcare professionals

Save time and improve efficiency, while enhancing the quality of your care.


Deliver intelligent analysis of samples taken at your facility.


We put Artificial Intelligence to work for healthcare professionals.

Our mission is to use technology to make everyday life easier for healthcare professionals.

Continuous learning of algorithms from collected data.

Saving time and efficiency for doctors and laboratories.

Data security processed in accordance with current directives.

Simple communication between laboratories and healthcare professionals.

They support us

Our partners

We conceive algorithms that detect
more than 200 biological anomalies.

Thanks to precise data models and the addition of artificial intelligence, we guide healthcare professionals in their diagnoses.


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The first AI platform for biological analysis

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