Deliver accurate analysis using Artificial Intelligence models and facilitate diagnosis by healthcare professionals.


Decipher biological tests
and facilitate the prescription of additional tests.

Deliver instant intelligent analysis and suggest diagnoses to doctors.

Intelligent analysis
generated at the click of a button

With a single e-mail, the AI analysis is triggered and made available in the doctor’s area in just a few minutes.

Diagnostic recommendation
for the doctor

The healthcare professional receives a summary of the analysis, as well as detailed diagnostic suggestions.

Additional analysis
on the same sample

The practitioner can send the additional analysis prescription to the laboratory directly from his or her space.


Deepia facilitates patient care and communication between healthcare professionals and laboratories.

Improve the efficiency of biological analyses

Artificial Intelligence and data models enable the laboratory to offer advanced and highly accurate analysis to healthcare professionals and patients.

Reduce healthcare costs

By detecting certain anomalies at an early stage, it is possible to carry out additional analyses without the need for further sampling.

Speed up diagnosis and management

By delivering an instant, more precise analysis, potential pathologies are detected earlier and the patient’s pathway optimized.


Detect and decipher biological anomalies
to better guide your patient.

We facilitate communication between laboratories and healthcare professionals to better support patients.

Detection and decryption
of biological anomalies.

Additional tests
on tubes already collected.

Télé-consultation / Télé-expertise
and associated refund.

Recommendation to physician
of additional tests.

Télétransmission au DMP
(Dossier médical partagé)

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Data security is at the heart of our solutions.

We process sensitive and private data, and take particular care to ensure their security and confidentiality. We comply with current standards and with the General Data Protection Regulation.

We are developing algorithms that detect
more than 50 biological anomalies.

Thanks to precise data models and the addition of artificial intelligence, we guide healthcare professionals in their diagnoses.


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