Healthcare professionals

Deepia helps healthcare professionals diagnose 90% of commonly detected biological anomalies.


Enhance the biological decryption
of your patients' check-ups.

Save time and improve your medical biological analysis diagnostics.

Analysis results thanks to AI algorithms

Our solutions can detect anomalies and deliver diagnostics.

Models designed by
biologists and physicians

Our algorithms have been designed by biology and medicine professionals.

Professional space
simple and intuitive

A simple, intuitive online platform that brings together all the essential information.


Optimize your analysis and diagnostics while saving time

Save time and improve efficiency

Intelligent analysis saves considerable time in identifying and interpreting biological anomalies.

Simplify relations with laboratories

In just a few clicks, you can explore your patients’ results and request additional laboratory analysis to refine your diagnosis.

Improve patient care

Facilitate the analysis process for your patients, by improving and anticipating diagnoses and avoiding unnecessary travel.


Technology at the service of healthcare professionals
and their patients.

Our mission is to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals to improve patient care.

Detection and decryption
of biological anomalies.

Sorting biological tests
by degree of severity.

Recommendation to request
additional tests.

Additional tests
on samples already collected.

Specialized documentation
to guide interpretation.

Connected to the DMP
(Shared medical file)

They support us

Our partners

Data security is at the heart of our solutions.

We process sensitive and private data, and take particular care to ensure their security and confidentiality. We comply with current standards and with the General Data Protection Regulation.

We conceive algorithms that detect
more than 50 biological anomalies.

Thanks to precise data models and the addition of artificial intelligence, we guide healthcare professionals in their diagnoses.


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